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Staff Contact List

Name Email
Mel Justice
Kristine Mott
Fiona Takos
Tom Vincent
Adam Blakely
Sarah Pilmore
Nicole Hendy
Room No. Teacher’s Name Email
YE01 Kimberley Gillies
YE02 Prue Gobbett & Sarah Pilmore
YE03 Shannon Reseigh
YE04 Kimberly Freer
YE05 Ella Lonergan & Sarah Pilmore
YE06 Amanda Deakin & Karen Lehmann
YE07 Jane Osborne
YE08 Hannah Galliford
YE09 Amelia Whyte
YE10 Claire Paice
YE11 Chez Klocke & Alex Schulz
YE12 Jess Brown
BL31 Tom Starkey
BL32 Sam Healy
BL33 Elysha Rehn
BL34 Ali Smith & Todd Shearer
BL35 Shani DeSilva
BL36 Jodie Meyer
WE15 MUSIC Deb Harris
WE16 MUSIC Caroline Kelley
WE17 Mikaila Sears
WE18 Elise Rowe & Porsche
WE19 Julie Cox
WE20 Deb Lasscock & Kirsten Ifould
EA01 Christian Smith & Todd Shearer
EA02 Kylie Brennan
EA03 Sue Wevill & Emma Bishop
EA04 Ian Reed
EA05 Miles Sumner
EA06 Molly Ross
EA07 Taylah Sanders
EA08 Sue Kopp & Ryan Bennett

Feedback and Complaints

Members of the public (including parents, carers and students) can raise a concern or complaint if they think that the school or a staff member has:

  • done something wrong
  • failed to do something that should have been done
  • acted unfairly, unreasonably or disrespectfully.

Do you, your child or someone you know need help or support?

At Aldinga Beach B-7 School we have a range of support available to promote and maintain student Wellbeing.

If you feel like your child could use some extra support with their mental health or wellbeing, contact Tom Vincent, the Student Wellbeing Leader at Aldinga on 8556 5060 or via email at Tom will discuss your child’s needs with you and will work with you to create a plan to best support your child.

In addition to the support Tom can offer, Aldinga Beach B-7 School has a Mental Health Social Worker provided through Grow Wellbeing who is available to support your child and family.

Grow Wellbeing’s Supports include:​

  • Individual support for Students
  • Tailored group sessions
  • Ongoing Mental Health and Wellbeing monitoring and outcome measuring
  • Parent Wellbeing support and mediation Services
  • Student behaviour analysis and management

If you need further support, you may be interested in the following providers:

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