Governing Council

What is Governing Council

The Governing Council is made up of parents, staff, community members and a student representative who work with the site leader (principal) to help set and monitor the direction of the school.

The Governing Council is an important part of the public education system with powers defined under the Education Act. In your role on a governing council, you work with the site leader (principal) to:

  • involve the local community in the governance of the school;
  • develop and approve local policies for safety, wellbeing and expectations of students;
  • set the broad direction and vision of the site;
  • monitor and review the Site Improvement Plan;
  • be the employing authority of services, including OSHC and canteen (if applicable).

Site leaders (Principal) work with the Governing Council to:

  • Provide educational leadership
  • Implement the site’s policies
  • Implement the site improvement plan.

Parents are elected for a two-year term to the Council at the Annual General Meeting held in the first term of each year. All members of the school community are eligible to attend the Annual General Meeting and to vote on any matters proposed for resolution.

2021 Governing Council

The current Governing Council are:

Emma Jones (Chairperson)

Faith Spalding (Deputy Chairperson)

Leanne Bawdin (Secretary)

Carylin Griffin (Treasurer)

Mel Justice (Principal)

Alex Schulz (Staff)

Mikaila Sears (Staff)

Sage Young (Staff)

Krystle Pearce (Staff)

Jane Moore (Community / Directory of Children’s Centre)

Meghan Orr (Community / Director of OSHC)

Tiffany Bennett

Emma Jones

Tina Williams

Theresa Hodson

Lee-Anne Elliott

Carylin Griffin

Kara Neilson

Nikki Lee Duggan

Sharon Bell

TBA (Student Rep)
TBA (Student Rep)
TBA (Student Rep)


Governing Council Meetings – 2021

Meetings are held from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Parents or community members can request to attend a meeting if there is an issue / topic they would like to discuss with the committee.


monday 15th February (following AGM)
Monday 15th March@ 6:30pM


Monday 10th May@ 6:30pm
Monday TBA


Monday 2nd AUGUST @ 6:30pm
Monday 6th September@ 6:30pm


Monday 25th October@6:30PM
Monday 29th November@6:30PM


The school currently has sub-committees that report back to the Governing Council.  Governing Council members, parents and staff can nominate for one or more of the sub-committees. This is a great opportunity to become an active participant in the decision making, projects and activities in our school.

The current sub-committees are:
– Policies
– Grounds
– Fundraising
– Sports
– Finance (GC Members only)

Each sub-committee has a chosen Chair person who organises / runs the meeting
either once or twice per term (meetings are before or after school) and reports from
each meeting are presented at Governing Council Meetings.

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