Young Leaders
What is a young leader?

A Young Leader is a representative of our school.  We help to make positive changes.  We are big listeners, and we listen to the ideas from all students and parents, not just our own.  We are the voices of our school community.


    What we are here to do
    • Listen and Act on your ideas
    • Make the school a better and safer place
    • We help to plan important events for the school
    • Fundraise for the school and charities
    • Organise whole school events
    • We help the school community grow stronger
    • Improve learning for everyone

      How to make your ideas heard
      • Suggestion box
      • Class circle time
      Get to know us

      The Executive Team:

        Chad Petersen  – Year 5

        Dakota Johns – Year 6

        Ebonie Hawkins – Year 5

        Jack Channon – Year 7

        Justin Hibberd – Year 6

        Lucas Drumgoon- Year 4

        Poppy Shearer – Year 6

          Rose Wallace -Year 5

          Sam Moore – Year 6

          Tegan Wood – Year 7

          Tyler Hornhardt – Year 7

          Zafia Johns – Year 6

          Zafira Cabban – Year 4

            What we have acomplished
            • Friday Connect – Connecting students of all ages, teachers, SSO’s, and leadership while having fun and enjoying themselves
            • Recycling – Soft plastics, composting, recycling bins throughout the school grounds
            • Fundraisers – Through fundraising we have supported foodbank, Aldinga CFS, Hutt Street, Aldinga Sharks Netball Club, Community aid abroad, Kids Helpline, and for our school
            • Assembly’s – Anzac Day Assembly, Remembrance Day Assembly, End of Year Performance Assembly
            • Twilight Night MC
            What plans we have
            • Free casual clothes day last day of each term
            • Improve learning for others who find it easy in class
            • Introduce performances, brain breaks, and sharing of work at assemblies
            • Input into the design of our new building


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